Thursday, December 13

Put this tool in your tool box!

Another tool in your service tool box! 

Q: I am planning on taking an Invisalign course in November. Any ideas on how to market this to patients? I don't want to offend anyone if I mention an aesthetic flaw! Should I just wait for patients to ask for it?

A: I am a big fan of incorporating any service into your office that makes it easier for you to create the practice of your dreams and ulti
mately keep your patients happy, healthy and smiling. Invisalign works for some cases and not for others, like almost every other treatment option you are able to provide, but it seems to me that having it available as an option offers you just one more tool to encourage your effort towards providing excellent dentistry. For most practices, I've not experienced Invisalign to be a huge profit center in and of itself, but as has been indicated in this conversation, it does allow and encourage you to have a more complete conversation with your patients about their needs and wants.

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