Wednesday, December 5

Be a Top Doc!

Another Dentist in need of rescuing asks:

Anyone had any experience with Top Docs marketing program? I was given the whole spiel yesterday and the cost isn't huge....Just wondering if anyone has heard of it and what their thoughts were.... BS meter is running wild... But my practice has really slowed and I need to try something different.

Athena to the rescue!

I've had several clients over the years who were voted "Top Dentists" and put in a book and given a plaque.  I'm not sure if this is the exact same program as you are referring to, but I think it's similar enough to chime in.

As I remember it, my clients had been voted as the "best" as a result of a survey done by the company who produced the listings, which was definitely a for-profit enterprise.  Of course, it was great for these clients to be recognized as such, but did not in their experience result in happy new patients.  I've also been approached on clients' behalf by other similar companies, all selling the idea that their "best: logo or video or infomercial or whatever is what will bring credibility and (I guess the reasoning goes) draw in patients like flies to honey.  Again, not in my experience. Certainly not all by itself.

What does bring in happy new patients is a truly skilled doctor who has an excellent rapport with patients, an excellent practice and team, and excellent referring patients of record.  So I would recommend you spend that $6000-$12000 where you may need it most: teambuilding, streamlining internal systems, launching internal marketing initiatives, investing in CE and generally being a Top Doc.

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