Friday, December 7

Here's an Idea: Make Your Own Art Work!

Q: I have a Discus Dental poster in my waiting room that has before and after photos and it helps sell a ton of bleaching. Does anyone know where I can get posters to promote implants, Valplast part
ials, etc.? Thanks for any advice!

A: Why not create your own?

My guess is that patients would be even more impressed by seeing the incredible work you have done that has changed the lives of their friends and neighbors, of real people. Keep an eye out for a couple of great cases, get the photos, and produce your own at FedEx Office (Kinkos). I've had many clients do their own versions with amazing success and to the delight of their patients.

If you go to and sign up, check out the Swag Bag with free posters already designed for you to use however you like.

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