Wednesday, February 13

Can't Get it Right, Can't Get it Wrong?

Here's something to consider: there is no such thing as getting it right. In fact, there is no such thing as getting it wrong.

"Huh," you say. "That's not what I was taught, crazy lady!" Yeah, I know, me either. But that's the secret, whether it's marketing or relationships or running a marathon.

If you decide to judge your personal success by reaching "IT" you will never be truly, peacefully, completely happy, save for those few moments after IT has been reached, because that game - the one we all were taught to play, often called "keeping up with the Jones' - insists that the next IT must a. exist, b. is better than the last IT, and c. is the magic bullet which will finally bring you true, peaceful, complete happiness. And around and around and around and around we all go.

So, right now, just step back from the anxiety of trying to reach IT, quit being mad that you haven't reached IT yet and instead be grateful that you get to play a game of reaching for something that's even better than what is right in front of you, RIGHT NOW.

More crazy lady rants on this subject to come :) And yes, it does relate to marketing, I promise.

Love to you all.

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